About The Ed Jones Co.

It all started in 1898, when Ed Jones set up a make-shift shop in an out-building at his mother's Oakland, California property. In 1910 business was good enough to open a prominent storefront a few miles away on Broadway Street. Within 13 years the company made its first of ultimately four more moves to accommodate expansion of equipment and employees. The company made its last move to Berkeley in 1995, approximately 5 miles from where Jones started.

Since it's beginning, the Ed Jones Co. has been family owned and family operated. The Chester Stegman family has actively participated in day-to-day management and operation of the business since 1965, and continues to do so today.

When customers call, they will often speak with a principal of the business (which means no run-a-rounds). Quick decisions and the ability to accommodate special requests for loyal customers are in our best interest. We believe that meeting customer needs translates into long-term relationships. We are proud of the history associated with The Ed Jones Co. and its customers.

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