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November 2008 Holiday and Birthday Gifts

Holiday and Birthday Gifts are always a challenge. Charms replicating your badge make a thoughtful and warmly received gift. Many of these charms are available in solid 14K gold or sterling silver. We have also been asked to enhance them with nice size diamonds or other brilliant stones. Personalized engraving on the back of the charms make them a gift that will be remembered and treasured for years to come! Please check out our jewelry pages!



April 23, 2007 California Law Enforcement Historical Society

The Ed Jones Company is proud to announce our partnership with the California Law Enforcement Historical Society with the release of the second badge in our Heritage Collection series. It has been made possible to reproduce with the permission of the Director of the California Alcoholic Beverage Control. The Liquor Control Officer badge was originally struck by Ed Jones in 1955 of Sterling Silver with a 10K Gold Filled California center seal. The badge is a 7 ball-tipped star with hand-engraving. No pictures of the officers wearing the star were available because they were all undercover during that time. If you are interested in this badge please contact the California Law Enforcement Historical Society at



April 2007 Heritage Badge Collection

Celebrating our 110th Anniversary we are introducing our Heritage badge collection. The first in our series is the "Silver Shadowed" which is the official logo of the Ed Jones Company. It has been used as the logo for the turn-of-the-century catalogs, gold leaf entery door, and on our website. The "Silver Shadowed" is made of sterling silver and has been replicated beautifully to match the artistry that would have made Ed Jones proud. This badge is antiqued and hand-engraved by master engravers and is a unique piece of history today!

For more information, contact The Ed Jones Co., 2834 8th Street, Berkeley, CA 94710., copyright 2007, all rights reserved.




Reward and Recognition Coin

A unique twist on an old military tradition, the Reward and Recognition Coin is an economical means of gaining big results in morale and motivation. The Ed Jones Co. coin is similar in concept to a military challenge coin but... read more


Ed Jones Badge Trading Cards

Collecting antique badges has become serious business, often demanding serious cash to pursue. If the demand has driven prices beyond what was once a fun avocation, look for our inaugural trading card series "Oldies But Goodies,"... read more


Pins and Charms

Yes,..we do sell miniature badge pins. Quarter-sized or smaller replicas of regulation duty badges are a popular item. In as much as the tool making will allow, badge pins and charms look almost identical to the real deal, ... read more


Badge Making

Just how are those badges made!? Many public service professionals simply have no idea how The Ed Jones Co. crafts the symbol they wear. Most think they are cast, many are surprised we perform all of the work in our Berkeley s... read more


Commemorative Badge Programs

Thinking about a commemorative badge? As cities and public service departments reach commemorative anniversary dates, whether 25 years or 200 years, a new badge is a great vehicle for rallying the troops. It is a symbol that emb... read more


To Polish Or Not To Polish?

A frequent topic of conversation surrounding badges, sometimes resulting from an inspection or maybe as part of rookie indoctrination. Through the years we have found many different opinions and procedures for polishing. Questio... read more



Welcome to the first Ed Jones Co., In The News column. This new site feature will present timely information and some humorous stories about badges and the bodies behind them. Look forward to tid-bits of advice, roll-out of new ... read more