Ed Jones Badge Trading Cards

Collecting antique badges has become serious business, often demanding serious cash to pursue. If the demand has driven prices beyond what was once a fun avocation, look for our inaugural trading card series "Oldies But Goodies," featuring 24 privately owned, early Ed Jones Co. badges. We decided trading cards would be a fun way to showcase some early work and highlight some of the history associated with nearly 105 years of crafting badges and emblems.

It also allows some of the non-collecting world to get a glimpse of badges they wouldn't ordinarily be able to see. Each card in the series features an old badge with some details as to what it's made of, where it's from and when it was made.

They are printed on heavy card stock and measure the standard 3.5 by 2.5 inches. A UV protective coating will insure years of color-fast trading, handling and contemplation. If you are the collecting type and enjoy badges in general, you will be happy to know a card will accompany each badge that ships or letter that gets mailed. Interested in buying them? Sorry, they aren't for sale, however they'll probably show up on eBay at some point in the future.

With less than a thousand of each card in circulation, Oldies But Goodies won't last long. When they are gone, look for series number two in the not so distant future. Who knows, some day they might be worth more than a Hank Aaron rookie card. Card number 13 is a one-of-a-kind badge that recently sold for over $3000 at auction. No telling what the card will be worth some day. Hang on to those cards and have fun!