Pins and Charms

Yes,Ö..we do sell miniature badge pins. Quarter-sized or smaller replicas of regulation
duty badges are a popular item. In as much as the tool making will allow, badge pins and
charms look almost identical to the real deal, which is part of their appeal. But, because
of their size they canít be mistaken for a real badge, a benefit for all concerned.

The Ed Jones Co. has three finish-level product offerings: 1) give-away, 2) non-precious
jewelry, and 3) precious metal jewelry pins and charms. Each has its own distinct
benefits and best use, described briefly below.

Give-away pins are manufactured off shore, enabling a $1 - $5 price point and broad, low
cost distribution. These pins typically have a plated finish with paint or epoxy colors.
They have a relatively soft pin post, meant to be pushed through a lightweight fabric and
left in place. Repeated removal and re-pinning will cause the post to break off in a short
period of time. Give-away pins are a cost-effective means of promoting a candidate,
supporting a new management initiative, or as a piece of a public awareness campaign or
other marketing effort.

Non-precious jewelry pins are made in our Berkeley, California facility and employ a
gold or chrome plated finish over a stamped bronze base, hard fired vitreous (glass)
enamel colors, and a silver soldered post with jewelry quality clutch fastener. They hold
up well to repeated removal and re-pinning. At $15 - $22 each, these pins are designed
for daily use as part of the official uniform. They are typically used in employee
recognition programs and special events where a higher quality finish and better
durability are desired.

Finally, precious metal jewelry pins and charms are fabricated with a precious base
metal, such as 14K gold or sterling silver and finished with vitreous enamel colors, silver
soldered post and jewelry clutch. They are often individually hand engraved,
personalized and embellished with diamonds or other precious stones. They offer the
best wear durability especially with daily direct skin contact, such as a charm. At $50 to
over $200, the precious metal jewelry items are generally personal gifts or high-level
department recognition awards. These items epitomize Ed Jones Co. craftsmanship and
often become family heirlooms.

Order quantity on give-away pins is rarely less than 100 pieces and tooling charges are
included in the individual pin price. On jewelry pins and charms, there is no minimum
order size and tooling charges depend on the design (ranging from nothing if we have the
design, to $600 for a new design). Most often, one time tooling charges for a new design
run about $350. Delivery lead-time can take between 4 weeks and 4 months, depending
on the finish, quantity and amount of tooling required.

In order to process a quote for pins or jewelry items, we need to have some basic
information, including the badge design (photo, drawing, or model number), number of
pieces and desired finish. Email your request to and we will be
happy to discuss your needs. Thanks for considering The Ed Jones Co. for your pin and
jewelry needs.