Reward and Recognition Coin

A unique twist on an old military tradition, the Reward and Recognition Coin is an
economical means of gaining big results in morale and motivation. The Ed Jones Co.
coin is similar in concept to a military challenge coin but different in construction and

First, it is minted from a solid, 1.5-inch diameter, one troy ounce sterling silver ingot.
Jewelers and artists have long recognized the beauty of this precious metal for hundreds
of years. World commodity exchanges recognize it’s value and provide the means for
hedging and speculating on price movement. It has monetary value in addition to
morale value.

Second, each Ed Jones Co. coin is customized with the department, individual’s name,
badge number and/or type of reward. All of the recipient specific lettering is hard-fired
vitreous enamel in a broad choice of colors. The combination of hard enamel on
sterling is unrivaled in beauty.

So how does it work? The coin provides command staff with the means of presenting a
tangible token of intrinsic value for excellence in performance or achievement. The
reward can be targeted toward specific areas of achievement, such as: confiscated
weapons, stolen car recovery or drug busts. Or, it can be geared towards a more general
department wide goal such as public service or excellence in training. The sky is really
the limit. What is the department trying to support and encourage?

The “challenge” coin is tactile. It feels good in the hand and appeals to the eye more than
merely a letter in the file. In addition to being tactile, its power as a tool for motivation
lies in its visibility. Not only does the recipient have something to hold on to, it also lets
the rest of the department know (or “see” it) as well. This subtle yet public recognition
creates a friendly, competitive atmosphere to “earn one” and in the process raises the bar
across the whole department.

Every department can afford The Ed Jones Co. Reward and Recognition coin program.
The question is, can you afford NOT to use it? Contact for more
information. If you are rank and file, pass this along to your supervisor. You might be
the first in your department to earn one.